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Subject: Story: Frat Pledge
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NNTP-Posting-Host: newsbf02.mail.aol.comThe following is a story of sex between men. If preteen sample models it offends you don't read
it! Fraternity Pledge
Part I sexy preteen nudity
By HotSmileThe pledge is in the frat house doing some cleaning. Two brothers, Joey
Mark, approach him. "Hey, pledge!" one says."Yes sir?" I say, turning around, at attention."Time for a discipline session. Get downstairs to the training room."
the pledge master, orders, blue eyes flashing under his jet black hair."Yes sir!" I reply. I hurry down to the basement, the two brothers
following down the stairs. The basement is dimly lit. There is a leather
covered lifting bench in the center of the room. There are various wooden
paddles hanging on the walls."Assume the position." Mark says. I strip off my clothes, wearing only my
white jockeys. I get on the weight bench on all fours, like a dog. My
is exposed for them. I feel a paddle rest against me. I can see Mark
holding it in the mirror in front of me.The paddle swings and strikes. "Thank you, sir. May I please have
another?""Pledge, who was the last girl you fucked?" Mark asks."Sir, it was in high school." I reply. SMACK! "Thank you, sir. May I
please have another?" The paddle hits again."I think you're gay, pledge." Mark says, laying the paddle against my
burning ass. He swings it again. "Tell me you're gay, pledge.""Yes sir. Thank you, sir. The worthless pledge is gay, sir." I see him
smiling in candid preteen pusy
the mirror as he rubs the paddle against my butt.SMACK. "You're a faggot, aren't you? Tell me you're a faggot." SMACK!It's really starting to hurt now. "Yes sir! I'm a faggot sir!" pics mangas preteen I can
some tears on my cheeks. "May I please have another sir!"Mark hands the paddle to Joey. It whistles through the air and strikes as
Mark walks around in front of me. His crotch is staring me in the face."Thank you sir. May I please have another?" I gasp through the burning."You know we're not kidding, faggot." He says. "We've seen you checking
the guys." He steps closer. I can smell him. His jeans sexy preteen nudity are tightly
across his muscled legs. His basket is right at my nose. "Don't pretend
answer like a pledge." He grabs my hair and pulls my head preteen sample models up so I'm
at him. "You suck dick, don't you?""Sir?" I plead with him, staring into his eyes.Mark nods to Joey. The paddle swoops again, stinging hard. "I'm not
playing around. We saw you watching Robert the other day. And Bill said
saw you checking out some guy in the hallway after your history class.
tell the truth!" He shakes my head. "You're a faggot and you suck dick."I'm totally confused. I don't know what to do. "What...Sir, what do
SMACK! "Un!" The paddle slams into me, pushing my face preteen model pussypics
against Mark's
crotch. I can feel his cock against my face."Are you gonna tell the truth before he beats you raw?" Mark demands,
shaking preteen nud gallery my head again. "Now say it!""Sir...Sir, I'm a faggot and I suck dick." I say, closing my eyes. I
them and look up nude preteen ass at him. He's grinning down at me."Yea. We knew it. shaved boys preteen Had an idea when you first rushed." Mark nods again.
the mirror, Joey walks back up the stairs. "Now look at what you want."
says, pointing at the bulge in his pants. I stare at it. His hands reach
down. He unbuttons his pants.I'm shaking, I'm so frightened. I'm not sure if it's fright or
I'm scared, but I'm turned on all the same. Is this just a test? He
his zipper down slowly, making a low ripping noise."I've heard fags give great head." Mark says. He slides his jeans and
shorts down his hips. His cock is not quite hard yet. It's large, easily
six inches, cut. It's soft and very fat. He holds it in his hand,
it at my face. "Think you can make me cum, little cocksucker? You know
want it." I stare up at his face, shadowed by the overhead lights. Then
back at his dick. "Suck it." he hisses at me. He pushes it against my
lips.I breathe out quietly and open my jaw. He shoves his cock in and moans,
filling my mouth. I shift my weight forward to slide as much of him into
throat as I can. I pull back until my lips are around his cockhead. I
my head in rapid semi-circles then go all the way down again."Oh yea..." Mark moans. "Suck my cock, boy." I use my weight to shift
and forward, plunging his cock in and out of my mouth. "Yea..." He says.
He grabs my head and starts pistoning his dick in and out. "Oh
my dick." His hips start jerking faster. He's getting close and hairless preteen cunt I can
him on my tongue. He puts his hand on the back of my head and starts
slamming my face into his crotch."Yea. Yea. Oh yea... I'm going to cum. I'm cumming... AHHH!" He moans.
try to pull away but he clamps his hand on the back of my head, still
my mouth."Ummff.." I moan as I feel him spurt in my mouth. It tastes good, and I
push forward, burying my face in his hair. His cock jams against the back
my throat. It spurts again preteen bbs young and I'm swallowing quickly."Ahhh fuck...Fuck!" Mark yells, reaching his peak. He releases me and I
pull back a bit, He grabs his cock, pulling it out of my mouth. A long
stream of cum shoots out into the air and onto my tongue. And suddenly
there's flash from the right of me. It's Joey with a camera, snapping
cumming in my mouth and on my face. I try to jerk backward in surprise
Mark's left hand clamps on the back of my head. "OH YEA!" He yells
His hand is pumping his dick, flying up and down. Another shot of cum
out and hits me in the face, dripping down my nose. More cum is shooting,
spurting out with Mark's hand, splashing my face, running into my mouth.
camera flashes again and again."Oh yea. Oh man!" Mark groans. He slaps his dick against my face. Joey
snaps another picture, this one of Mark's wet dick against my cum covered
face. Mark yanks my head back by my hair and slides his cock back in my
mouth. "Yea! Fucking good." He says. He jams is all the way in, his
shaking from the intensity. He pulls out again and steps back.I push up on my arms, moving from all fours to a kneeling position.
"What...what now?" I ask, wiping come from face with my hand. I look
and forth at both of them.Mark pulls his jeans up, buttoning his pants. "Well, first off, you've
got a
lot of work to do yet." He says. Joey hands him the instant pictures.
grins candid preteen pusy at them and holds them up for me to see. The photos are perfect.
face is crisp while Mark's is hidden, showing only from his torso to his
hips. There is no blurring, they latvian gelleries preteens
clearly show me on my hands and knees
sucking on a cock, cum shooting in my mouth and on my face. "If
works out well," Mark says, still grinning, "You'll get these pictures
and we won't have to send them to your parents."Joey moves forward and stands in front of me. "Now it's my turn." He
He basket is right in front of my face.I know what to do. "Yes, sir." I say. I reach forward and unzip his
I can smell his musky scent. I pull out his dick. He's hard already.
eight inches and uncut. I lean forward and suck his cock into my mouth.
dick stretches my jaws and I moan quietly. I use my hand and start
up and down, sucking hard."Good job, faggot." Mark says. "I'll go up and get the rest of the

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